CD / Logic System "TECHNASMA" *Japanese Title “術”
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CD / Logic System "TECHNASMA" *Japanese Title “術”

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Produced by Hideki Matsutake Piano, Keyboards, Voice: Mioko Yamaguchi Synthesizer Programming: Hideki Matsutake Illustration by Eiji Hozumi who was the illustrator of "Logic" and "Orient Express" ■Label: pinewaves ■Cat No: PW-10 *In LOGIC STORE on ebay, we offer the extra with Hideki's autograph as giveaway! Crisis (Official Audio / Short Version) Contact (Official Audio / Short Version) ———————————————————— <TRACKLISTING> 01. Overture 02. Crisis 03. Time Seeds 04. Mondrian's Square 05. Closing // Glassworks | Philip Glass 06. Golden Ratio 07. Aqua Aura 08. 妖踊 09. Contact 10. Revive Bonus Track 11. Silence Is Betrayal | Ryuichi Sakamoto, Hideki Matsutake ———————————————————— A meticulously designed blueprint of electronic music by Hideki Matsukake who delivers a breathtaking and groundbreaking soundscape. Logic System’s new album is the brainchild of synthesizer pioneer Hideki Matsutake, who has been committed to shaping the sound of electronic mu-sic to perfection for almost half a century. His craftsmanship, programming skills and sonic trickery has culminated in ’TECHNASMA’ (meaning ‘trick’ in Greek). It’s possibly Logic System’s finest work to date. The physical CD includes a bonus track ‘Silence is Betrayal’, an improvisational track with legendary musician Ryuichi Sakamoto. Heralding the start of an ethereal sonic experience with the sounds of ticking clocks going in and out of synch, ‘Overture’ features the captivating sound of a newly invented acoustic instrument ‘CANADEON PW40’ - a MIDI-controllable musical box - intertwined with a string-like synth pad. The ultimate minimalist track, ‘Crisis’, features 5 ‘virtual’ marimba players playing the dynamic riff on a hypnotic polyrhythmic loop. As the synth brass kicks in, the track brings on the festive and hedonistic grooves. Featuring repetitive two chords, minimal sequence patterns and the piano with a deep reverb that evokes forgotten memories, ‘Time Seeds’ is a celestial track that almost takes us to the origin of species - and back! Inspired by Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian’s masterpiece ‘Broadway Boogie Woogie’, the Mioko Yamaguchi penned ‘Mondrian’s Square’ is an accessible and humorous piece that combines a sound that represents geometry and the world of games. The humour is accentuated by the sound of the ‘whistle’ - made possible only by Hideki’s profound ‘voltage-control’ skills on his vintage analogue synth. A Philip Glass cover, ‘Closing’ features the melodic piano layered upon distorted drums and a relentless synth bass. Maintaining a certain sense of tension throughout, ‘Closing’ develops to the climax with huge orchestral stabs. Opening with the synthesised sounds of birds in a jungle, which give a sense of just landing on Earth from a different planet, ‘Golden Ratio’ features a touch of world-music with ethnic percussions. The track develops into more acoustic and melodic areas in the middle, delivering a sense of the healing powers of nature. An ambient track mixing metallic and atmospheric synth sounds, ‘Aqua Aura’ is akin to a musical representation of a majestic crystal cave where the dreamy sound of piano forms a reflection of glitter on the entombed and glistening water. Direct descendant of the classic Logic System track ‘Domino Dance’ from the first album ‘Logic’, ‘Yo Yo’ is one of the most floor-friendly tunes on ‘TECHNASMA’. Featuring an arrangement that resem-bles the sound of a Japanese festival or Matsuri, ‘Yo Yo’ takes you on a mysterious trip with up-lifting beats and psychedelic guitar effects. ‘Contact’ tells the story of an invisible entity from deep space attempting to contact the human race with synthesized voice and communication signals. With a fat kick drum that emulates the heartbeat of life and a synth tone that represents the divine ray of light, ‘Contact’ is packed with fantastic electronic sound effects which eloquently confirms that Hideki Matsutake fully deserves the title ‘Synth-Keiser’. The final track featuring layered strings and a dramatic modulation in the middle, the melancholic ‘Revive’ sees Hideki Matsutake going back to his sequence programmer-roots whilst praying for revitalisation of the World ravaged by virus. Whilst featuring Hideki Matsutake’s signature electronic apparatuses such as Moog Ⅲc, EMS VCS 3, Prophet-5 and ROLAND TR-808,‘TECHNASMA’ also sees the use of the latest technology, including the Moog Synthesizer (Minimoog Voyager, Mother-32, Grandmother and DFAM), Sequential Pro 3 and Omnisphere 2, offering up new directions in sound. ‘TECHNASMA’ is a contemporary 2020 album that embraces vintage electronic sounds. ‘TECHNASMA’ is a fusion of analogue, digital and sampled sounds applied to an experimental music production that results in the coexistence of unsettling ambient and warm, melodic tunes. Never tired of exploring new synth sounds, Hideki Matsutake’s insatiable fascination and sincere love for music were, simply put, the reason behind the creation of his latest masterpiece ‘TECHNASMA’. <Bonus Track: Silence is Betrayal / Ryuichi Sakamoto & Hideki Matsutake> ‘Silence is Betrayal’ was originally recorded live for a TV programme ‘Schola - Ryuichi Sakamoto Music School’ for NHK E-Television first broadcast in January 2014. For the first time, electronic and contemporary music enthusiasts will get to listen to this much sought-after legendary session featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto on EMS Synth AKS and Hideki Matsutake on Moog IIIc. Only available on CD at this stage. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// EQUIPMENT Moog IIIc Moog Minimoog Voyager Moog Mother-32 Moog Grandmother Moog DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) EMS VCS 3 EMS Vocoder 2000 Eμ Vintage Keys Eμ Orbit Eμ Planet Phatt Eμ Carnaval Eμ Morpheus Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Sequential Pro 3 ARP Odyssey Clavia Nord Lead ARTURIA V Collection 7 Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 YAMAHA MONTAGE YAMAHA FS1R YAMAHA MU2000 ROLAND FANTOM ROLAND JUPITER-Xm ROLAND TR-808 ROLAND TR-8 ROLAND VP-770 ROLAND SC-88 Pro Simmons SDS-V Stylophone and CANADEON PW40