Mioko Yamaguchi "FLOMA"
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Mioko Yamaguchi "FLOMA"

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Shipping Date: on or after July 17th Label: pinewaves Cat No: PW-08 ■LOGIC STORE on ebay -------------------------- Produced by Mioko Yamaguchi and Logic System All songs arranged by Mioko Yamaguchi Itsuka Yurarete Tōi Kuni new ver. <TRACKLISTING> 01. Satemo Appare Yumezakura new ver. 02. Hakuchumu new ver. 03. Tsukihime (MOON-LIGHT PRINCESS) new ver. 04. Itsumo Takaramono Takarajima ver. 05. NIRVANA new ver. 06. Chanky Tour NEW YORK ver. 07. Itsuka Yurarete Tōi Kuni new ver. 08. Omatsuri new ver. 09. Yume Hiko new ver. 10. Yume Hiko A DREAM OF CANADEON ver. – Bonus Tracks 11. Jane Barkin no You ni Nakebaii | Miwa Kawagoe 12. Recede (Tōzakari Yuku Omoi) | Masayuki Suzuki 13. Owari no Kehai | Yuki Saito -------------------------- Mioko Yamaguchi released three original albums in early 80's and they have been well received outside Japan. Japanesque and oriental taste is very characteristic of her music. And she composed several hundreds songs for very popular singers groups idols. 1st album "Yumehiko" and 2nd album "NIRVANA" have been reevaluated as 80s Japanese City pop and kayokyoku like Taeko Onuki Akiko Yano and Minako Yoshida in recent years whereas 3rd album "Tsukihime" has come into the limelight as 80s Japanese Techno pop Ambient Pop and New age. Interestingly enough some fans especially in overseas music scene love her music as vaperwave and future funk. Reappraised these albums were reissued on CD for the first time in 2017. In this January she released a new album titled "Tokisakashima" for the first time in 35 years. It was co-produced by herself and Logic System (Hideki Matsutake who is well known as "fourth member" of Yellow Magic Orchestra). Hideki participated in her all albums in 80's and also in "Tokisakashima" as a synthesizer programmer with his new and classic analogue synthesizers. She said "Tokisakashima" is the sequel to "Tsukihime" released in 1983 and we can listen to beautiful synth sound and ambient/techno pop.