Mioko Yamaguchi "Tsukihime (MOON-LIGHT PRINCESS)"
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Mioko Yamaguchi "Tsukihime (MOON-LIGHT PRINCESS)"

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■2017 High-quality remastered CD ■Original release: 1983 (*Available in CD for the first time) ■Reissued in a card mini-LP sleeve with obi and insert faithfully reproducing the original design as much as possible, and additional sheet contains self liner notes by Mioko Yamaguchi and list of staff for this reissue. ■Label: pinewaves ■Cat No: PW-04 ■special gift *If you purchase Mioko Yamaguchi "Yume Hiko", "NIRVANA" and "Tukihime | Moon-Light Princess" in a lump, we will give you three posters. (Tukihime poster, NIRVANA poster and Moon-Light Princess poster) These are LP size posters using inner sleeve photos of each album. <Tracklist> 01. Yugao (Aware) 02. Natsu 03. Shizumi Yuku 04. Kagami 05. Hakuchumu 06. Tsuki Hime (Moon-Light Princess) 07. Satemo Appare Yume Zakura 08. Koi Wa Shunkan <Credit> - PRODUCER Naoki Tachikawa - ARRANGER Masami Tsuchiya Tugutoshi Goto - Synthesizer Programmer Hideki Matsutake